Groz Engineering Tools, Gurugram

Location: Gurugram

Service: Architecture

Building Type: Industrial

Project Status: Completed

The building is a part of an entire factory complex which required integration of a workshop block along with cafeterias on an already existing factory site. The workshop building has been developed with a typical box plan adhering to the requirements whereas the cafeteria has been designed with a more flexible and extrovert plan. sharp perpendicular lines cut across sweeping curves to evolve into aesthetic and functional spaces. Along the front façade, the building unravels its mystery slowly, giving glimpses of the court below and the activities being carried out. The binding agent between the two is an approachable sunken court, responsible for the relaxed atmosphere in an ironic environment. The transparency in design, of the cafeteria, is lent by the glazed north façade, which creates a visual connection between the interior and this exterior court. Walls of varying heights, a combination of colossal and sleek openings, terraces and remarkable spill outs add to the elegant outlook of the design