Samta Yog Ashram, New Delhi

Location: New Delhi

Service: Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design

Building Type: Religious

Project Status: Completed

The project attempts towards creating a monumental yet suitable architectural statement. There lay a challenge in assimilating such contradictory propositions. Conceptually, the building dons a very introvert character.

Large blank running surfaces, with no direct fenestrations, generate a childish sense of anxiety. Large interior volumes which are required to house voluminous gatherings are comfortably tucked amidst landscape.

The ovoid shaped structure sits pretty amidst landscaped berms and bears a character which is generic to the ground.

As one walks through the main access road, the building unfolds and rises subtly above the landscape. Revealing what is repressed in the ground is a strong architectural element. The kund at the focal plaza with its placid waters imparts a tranquil ambience to the whole plaza. The focal plaza binds the two blocks- the residential block which houses the living rooms and service areas with the main satsang hall at the other side of the axis.

The main ashram block is an array of layers, each layer unfolds to house a function. The outer ring houses all activities like the library, meditation etc. The corridor of this area doubles up as an art gallery, displaying the life and preaching of maharaj ji. Skylights and cutouts bring in all the natural light to make these areas throbbing.

The main hall flanked by a beautifully landscaped court on one side and a lily pond on the other, sets the desired ambience for pravachans and meditation. All in all, this piece of architecture is a subtle yet monumental gesture, which breaks away from the inhibitive notions of an ashram building.