VAE VKN Industries Pvt. Ltd., Sonepat

Location: Sonepat

Service: Architecture, Landscape Design

Building Type: Industrial

Project Status: Completed

The project for VAE industries, a locomotive unit in collaboration with VAE Group of Austria, involves developing a large volume of factory shed. A supplier to Indian railways, VAE VKN wanted this shed to take care of manufacturing of switches and crossings. The orientation of the linear block, parallel to the site periphery not only generates a larger work volume between the old and the new unit but also imparts a more dynamic vista to the traveler on the national highway-indeed a boon. The 18m x 136m long shed is a strong statement in steel with an interesting combination of bare and coated galvalume sheeting. The periodic occurrence of steel columns deliberately exposed and starkly painted red preserves the sanctity of this steel structure and accentuates the linearity and the scale. The cafeteria block was an add-on.